Checked some of my weather logs from previous years. One inch of rain was all I recorded for July back in 1997. Recorded almost three inches in July, 2009.

Propagating, repotting, light, pruning and watering are the primary chores outdoors today. Several hanging baskets received a severe pruning and a shot of fertilized water to stimulate new growth and blooms for the fall. Fertilizing will continue on a weekly basis.

Coleus, sweet potato vine, Persian shield and others have become straggly so I’m taking cuttings of them as well, rooting in water or potting mix.

The Logan County Fair is a little over a month away - be sure and get your catalog from the Extension Office and plan to enter a couple of divisions.

I talk about sharing produce with food pantries, senior citizen centers, etc and supporting the local farmer’s market, but I have not shared this statistic with you. What states lead in donation of meats turned back to food pantries by hunters? Virginia, Iowa, Missouri, Texas and Ohio are the top five states. Nationwide such a contribution provided over 10,000,000 meals for those in need.

I know - you’re tired of talk about “global warming”. Researchers engaged in studies of plant species adaptation to changing climate reveal, among other things, that not only is plant bloom affected but leaf shape. Scientists know that plant leaves get smaller when the climate gets hotter or drier. Information collected will influence how they restore species threatened by climate change.

Had some great weather on our travels in June. Paid a visit to a butterfly conservatory in Key West and walked on a prestine beach not frequented by too many people. There’s still no place I’d rather be than right here in north Logan County.