The Town and Country Garden club has chosen Yard of the Month for August. The yard chosen is Billie and James Gray’s at 902 East Chism, but featured is the back yard off Mary Street.

Billie Gray no doubt is a master gardener. She has numerous varieties of flowers scattered about the yard. Some are most unusual specimens. Billie has an array of garden ornaments well placed throughout the garden. Interspersed among flower beds is the most luscious Zoya Grass, like thick carpet. Not only does she have flower gardens, but vegetable gardens as well including squash, okra, asparagus, sweet potatoes. The front yard is also immaculate and very attractive.

Those present from left to right are Billie Gray, Mary Moser, Billie's friend, and those on the garden club committee presenting Yard of Month sign are Cathy Kraus, JoAnn Roper, and Richere Tompkins. Jewell White and Susan Johnson were taking pictures.