BATS. We may be put off by them, but bats do a great service to farmers if they are left to forage the perimeters of croplands, including cornfields. According to scientists, bats save the corn industry globally more than a billion dollars a year by feasting on a crop-killing moth. EXCESS WHEAT.

What did farmers do years ago when they ran out of storage space during record wheat harvests? In many midwestern towns they were allowed to temporarily pile their harvest on designated paved streets in the town until it could be shipped out.

So in some towns you had streets of gold(en wheat).

TICKS. A topic no one wants to talk about. But the U of A Division of Agriculture is currently involved in a study of ticks in our state and wants to enlist you as a citizen-scientist.

Their entomologists are studying collected samples to see where tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease are concentrated in the state and as well as the tick’s life cycle.

You can contact the local extension service office for more information.

NEW (or NUDE) TREND. Yes, outdoor showers are becoming an aspect of landscaping! Can be anything from your basic, cold temperature only faucet to hot and cold running water and the privacy barriers, if any, can range from fencing to hedges to none at all. Think I’ll stay indoors on this one!