Just dumped the rain gauge on the deck again. Did that a lot during the month of May. I estimate 9 1/2 inches of rain fell at the house last month. Been good to the garden, but unfortunately, also to the weeds. We’ll need this extra moisture going into summer.

Several folks have asked about pruning back spring bloomers like azalea. Get it done now. Waiting to prune later into the year means you’ll be cutting off next year’s blooms.

This year’s wet May also makes a strong case for raised bed gardens.

For Andy, a reminder about the blackberry production field day at the Fruit Research Station north of Clarksville on Thursday, June 12th. Call 754-2406 for more information and to register. Speaking of which, mine are looking real good right now, as are the blueberries.

My "Cummins" fig that I thought had frozen to the ground finally put out leaves. Looks like layering the bottom limbs to the ground last summer has paid off, too, as I count four baby fig plant starts ready to be severed from the mother plant and moved to other locations or put in the master gardener plant sale at the butterfly festival.

We’re only a couple weeks away from the 18th annual festival. My, where has time gone? I remember the first festival atop the mountain where the new lodge now stands. All activities, and some parking, were crammed into that space. There was a burn ban going on, and it was so dry and windy on the mountain. The first couple festivals were held in August.

Do try and make it out to the Butterfly Festival this year. Activities will take place both on the mountain and at the fairgrounds on Friday, June 20th, and Saturday, June 21st. The festival is a salute not only to the butterflies but to all our pollinator friends.