The recent auction of tax-delinquent properties in Logan County collected almost $13,000 for county and state government, the Commissioner of State Lands announced. The auction was held on Thursday, April 6 at the Logan County Courthouse in Paris.

The Land Commissioner’s office conducted the auction of delinquent properties, which drew 13 bidders and sold six available parcels for $12,995.66 for Logan County and state government. Nine parcels got no bid. One property was auctioned for $6,500, the highest amount bid. The auction took seven minutes to complete.

The Land Commissioner’s office conducts one tax-delinquent land sale per county each year to dispose of land on which the taxes have been past due over two years.

“We auction only a small percentage of parcels certified for delinquent taxes,” Commissioner John Thurston said. “In most cases, the original owner redeems the delinquent property by paying the back taxes.”

While redemption of property is the preferred method of disposing of tax-delinquent lands, Thurston notes the important role of land sales in returning inactive parcels to the tax rolls.

Registered bidders may purchase land at the auctions. Registration to bid at land sales is free. Upon sale of tax-delinquent property, the Commissioner issues a limited warranty deed to the highest bidder. Thurston’s office returns delinquent tax and interest collected, whether through redemption or sale, to the county taxing unit just as if the money had been originally collected there.

“Last year, we returned more than $18 million to school districts and county governments,” Thurston said. “Logan County received over $75,000 of that amount. This is an important process, because it provides stable revenue for necessary services including public schools.”

Interested Arkansas residents may visit the Commissioner of State Lands website,, to view the public auction catalog, a listing of properties offered at auction, or the post-auction sales list of properties available that did not sell at auction.