The Paris Police Department is investigating a wave of vehicle break-ins on the night of Wednesday, May 24 or the early morning of Thursday, May 25, according to Paris Police Chief John O’Brien.

According to O’Brien, the department has been notified about 10 vehicles in Paris that were broken into.

“It was all over town,” O’Brien said last week. “In some cases things stolen from the vehicles included change, money, photographic equipment and a hand gun.”

O’Brien said the hand gun is a Glock Model 30 semi-automatic which was loaded.

O’Brien said in many of the cases, the vehicles were unlocked. He also said officers have a suspect or a persons of interest. He declined to be more specific. He said the vehicle break-ins were likely connected.

“Right now, we’re trying to find a couple of people we want to talk to,” O’Brien said. “We have been able to develop some information.

“The people we’re looking for are adults,” O’Brien said. “We still have to get some witness statements. We have some video and there is the possibility of getting some additional video.”

O’Brien said the break-ins took place at residences and apartment complexes.

In the meantime, the Police Chief is asking residents for any information and to be watchful.

“If anyone hears anything about this, we’d like to talk to them,” he said. “If you see anything suspicious, please contact us. Don’t leave vehicles unlocked and don’t leave valuables inside vehicles.”