Alan James Bouska, Junction City, Kan., traveled with friends to Paris, Ark. to ride horses over the Memorial Day weekend, but to his surprise was awarded A Quilt of Valor.

Bouska served his country 27.5 years. He served in the Desert Storm and did two tours to Iraq. The second Iraq tour in 2006 earned him the Purple Heart.

Bouska was nominated to receive a Quilt of Valor by Fred and Noreen Altwegg of Junction City, Kan. The Quilt of Valor is a lifetime award made to a military service member or veteran to provide a tangible reminder of the gratitude and appreciation of their service to the United States of America. Quilt of Valor Foundation began in 2003 and to date over 159,000 quilts have been awarded to deserving military members.

You may contact the Quilt of Valor Foundation at for in state Quilt of Valor chapters or make nomination of service members or veterans to receive a Quilt of Valor.

Among those attending the QOV award were Priscilla Kirkpatrick of Paris, Noreen Altwegg of Junction City, Kan., Gavin and Landon Dallas, of Greenbrier, Alan James Bouska of Junction City, Kan., Fred Altwegg of Junction City, Kan., and Howard Moose of Paris.