The Paris City Council met in a called meeting on Monday, June 12 to consider budget resolutions aimed at providing funding for two projects — replacement of the sand filters at the city’s sewage treatment plant and replacing the collapsed section of a main sewer line on North Second Street.

The sewer line on North Second Street collapsed two weeks ago, according to Mayor Daniel Rogers, who added that the project is estimated to cost $25,000.

“At the meeting, we removed a $20,000 budgeted for a project on Kalamazoo Road in order to fund the emergency sewer line replacement project on North Second Street,” Rogers said. “The collapse of the line has left three customers without access to a main sewer line.”

Because the project is considered an emergency repair, the city has waived the requirement that bids be taken, Rogers said.

“The line should be replaced soon,” Rogers said Monday. “In fact they’re working on it right now.”

Aldermen also considered funding for a replacement of the city’s sand filters at the sewage treatment plant. Rogers said they haven’t been replaced since 2004.

“The plant manager believes we will fail an inspection because of the clogged sand filters,” Roger said.

Rogers estimates the project will cost around $450,000.

“To pay for it, we’re going to borrow the money for five years and use the certificates of deposit we have as collateral,” Rogers said.

Rogers said the city will advertise for bids on the project in the next few weeks and hopes bids can be opened in mid-July.