It might seem early, but it’s that time of year again. Back-to-school shopping is already underway, and we gathered the stats on over 1,000 consumers to see how people are spending and their sentiments on sending the kids back to school.

To uncover back-to-school shopping trends for 2017, surveyed parents across the U.S. on their purchase and spending plans. The survey found that back-to-school spending is up nearly 18 percent from 2016 in total family spending. Per the survey, most consumers (54.8 percent) begin their back-to-school shopping in August, while about 27.3 percent of shoppers get their back-to-school purchases finished earlier on in July.

From our survey, we discovered that the average American spends $208.10 on back-to-school shopping for each child. Most consumers (53.5 percent) will be spending anywhere from $101-$300 on each child for back-to-school.

In terms of total back-to-school spending, the average American spends $428.39 on their family for back-to-school, up from last year’s average of $359 per family.

What kinds of items are you buying for back-to-school?

As expected, the most popular back-to-school items are school supplies like pencils or notebooks (78 percent) and clothing or shoes (75.1 percent). The top back-to-school products follow by backpacks, electronics, computers, and tablets.

What will you do when you send the kids back-to-school?

Our survey found that 65 percent of consumers look forward to sending their children back-to-school in the fall, and 24 percent of people celebrate the much-needed break from the kids. Although this may be the majority, 24.3 percent of consumers reminisce on old times when their children go back-to-school, and 19 percent just want to take a nap. Almost 15 percent of consumers shed some tears when sending off their kids back-to-school.

What’s the worst part about back-to-school shopping?

We’re all aware of some of the unappealing characteristics of the chaos that is back-to-school shopping, so we asked consumers the most dreaded aspect of back-to-school shopping.

36.4 percent of consumers hate having to spend money on back-to-school supplies (understandable), while 30 percent don’t like dealing with the crowds at retail stores. 20.5 percent say it is difficult to find the items they need, and about 13 percent just don’t like the hassle of taking the kids to shop.

How do consumers shop for back-to-school items?

A majority of consumers (71 percent) still do their back-to-school shopping in-store, while 22 percent of shoppers opt for the convenience of online shopping.

When back-to-school shopping, 63.6% percent of consumers use coupons to save on their back-to-school gear. A majority (41.5 percent) use in-store coupons, while 22.1 percent of consumers choose to use online coupons.