According to records kept at the water treatment plant in Paris, August was the wettest August in more than a decade.

In August, Paris got 8.1 inches of rain, according to water production plant manager Jason Cauthron.

“That’s the wettest August I’ve recorded since 2002,” Cauthron said. “The next wettest August was in 2012. We got 6.7 inches of rain then.”

The amount of rain in August was more than twice the normal amount of 3.1 inches. The area got an average of two inches of rain each week in August.

“Typically in August, we get three inches or less,” Cauthron said. “We’ve had several years lately where we didn’t have any rain in August.”

August temperatures have been relatively mild this year. The highest temperature recorded in August was 95 degrees on Aug. 19 and 20. The rest of the month, highs were in the mid and upper 80s.

That has led to some speculation about the coming winter months. Last week, Paris Middle School science teacher June Gilbreath, an avowed “weather nut,” was asked about the coming winter and did some research.

“There’s an old wive’s tale that if it rains on the first day of the month, then it will rain 15 days that month,” she said. “It rained in Paris on August first and we have had rain 15 days this month.

“Another old wive’s tale that says for every morning there is fog in August, that is how many days of snow we will have in the winter. We have had several days of fog so far this August so we shall see if this prediction comes true,” she said.

According to the National Weather Service, the next three months we will have above normal temperatures and precipitation will also be above normal. The outlook for this September, according to Farmers’ Almanac, is that we will have warmer than average temperatures, according to Gilbreath.

So, what about winter?

“Farmers’ Almanac has made its predictions for this winter, but meteorologist are not buying it yet, saying it’s still too early to tell what winter will bring.” she said. “Farmers’ Almanac says the River Valley will be cold and snowy. Precipitation will be above normal which means above normal snowfall. Farmers’ Almanac says get your shovel ready.”

Gilbreath said that, according to the almanac, those rooting for snow, mark these calendar dates — Jan. 20-23, Feb. 4-7, and March 1-3 and 20-23.