Logan County collected $315,222.27 in sales tax receipts in the third quarter, which ended in September, according to Logan County Treasurer Mickey Oates.

Third quarter receipts were almost identical to third quarter receipts ($316,823.12) in 2016.

So far this year, Logan County has collected $904,947.69 in sales tax receipts. With three months to go, that’s close to Oates’ projected $1.1 million in receipts this year. In 2016, Logan County collected $1.19 million in sales tax receipts.

Oates said sales tax receipts show the county’s economy is healthy.

Logan County collects a 1 percent general sales tax. The receipts are split between the county and incorporated communities.

Logan County also collects a 1 percent sales tax which will be used to build and maintain a new county jail on South Lowder Street in Paris. The second full quarter of jail sales tax collections showed an increase of 6.3 percent over the first full quarter.

In July, each of the half cent taxes to build and maintain and equip the jail took in $93,960.99. In August the taxes brought in $93,226.40. Last week’s September haul was $92,715.55 for a total of $279,902.94 for each half cent or almost a total of $560,000.

In August, the Logan County Quorum Court Jail Committee approved revised plans for the 100-bed jail. Site preparation work has been completed.

When the plans were approved, Logan County Judge Ray Gack said he hoped construction of the facility could begin in November. He also said he hopes these bids come in lower than the first set. Those bids were for a 132-bed jail at a cost of $13.6 million. Gack said bidding a 132-bed jail was the result of a miscommunication because a 100-bed jail is what the county intends to build. Besides reducing the bed count, the new plans call for a one-story, rather than a two-story jail.

The vote through which the sales tax went into effect permits the county to spend $13 million but Gack has consistently said he would like to see the jail built for $10 million, or less.

In November of last year, the county sold $10 million in bonds for the project.

The new jail will replace the existing jail located in Paris. The existing jail, built in the 1980s, has been repeatedly cited for violations of jail standards.