The Hot Springs Village Boomers Rock club continues to spark spontaneity and inventive parties. Such event was its recent murder mystery dinner night onstage at Woodlands Auditorium. Organized by Tim and JoAnn Kohlmeyer, 40 participants received character names and personal synopses to share.
Mingling in costume were club members in various characters, including a policeman, a real estate magnate, a long-distance runner, a teacher, a wild game hunter, a logger and B-grade film actress, to name a few.
Round one began during the cocktail hour as guests, using their character names and information, socialized and prepared for the mystery.
Round two took place during the seated dinner where each character offered some pre-murder clues. At this point, Tracy Howe (Tom Kohlmeyer) becomes the victim. A crime scene is established and later the murder victim rejoins the ensemble as a ghost to help identify the killer.
With many declaring their innocence, the interrogations are brought to an end when Bronte Vance admits, “I did it. I’m the murderer.” It seems the victim put countless lives at risk with his dilapidated roller skating rink, and he switched medications which killed Vance’s sister among other ghastly and despicable deeds.
In the end, Vance declares “I’m not going to jail, folks. I’m out of here! You should all thank me, by the way.”
A clever end to an enjoyable evening figuring out just “who done it” and being part of the mystery.