The public is invited to attend the dedication of a facility that will be used to briefly house children who have been taken from their homes, for whatever reasons.

It will be dedicated on Monday, Oct. 8 at 10 a.m.

The facility, located on East Academy Street, used to be a county health department and was remodeled into a facility for children by the County Judge and his wife, Ray and Annette Gack.

“The public is invited to attend and see what we are trying to do here,” Gack said last Friday. “The work was done mostly on the weekend. It’s a very nice, short term facility, basically, until they can find a foster care facility. We also want to de-stress them and find them a home.”

The Arkansas Department of Human Services will man the place, Gack said.

“DHS already has the personnel,” Gack said. “They have to stay with them until they find a home.”

Gack and his wife Annette did the work on the building. They worked on the weekend. However, the did also have some help. Mostly, people helped by supplying things that went inside.

“It would be hard to name everyone,” Gack said. “I think the public wants to help with this project. They want to get involved in any way possible.”

With that in mind, the Logan County Ministrial Allience wants to help and the need right away is storeage space.

“We need storage space badly,” Gack said. “Right now, we have it structured so we have limited storage space.”

And, the interior decorating crew came in Monday, Gack said.

“Hopefully, we can make a difference is the lives of these kids,” Gack said. “Thats what we are here for. It’s a place of hope for these kids.”