The Paris City Council met in a special session earlier this month to pave the way for street work that will be done this summer. Aldermen unanimously approved a resolution and an ordinance at the meeting, which was held on Thursday, May 15.

In passing the resolution, Aldermen added $100,000 to the city’s budget for street work, bringing the total appropriated this year to $200,000.

In passing the ordinance, Aldermen waived the requirement for competitive bidding for a drainage project that will result in the widening of a section of Pine Street, filling in ditches and adding drop inlets to improve drainage. The section of Pine Street affected runs from its intersection with 10th Street and Fifth Street.

That work is estimated to cost $80,000, according to Mayor Daniel Rogers.

The additional money appropriated for streets will also be used to pay the city’s portion of paving work that will be done this summer, Rogers said. The state is contributing $250,000 and the city is going to pay $92,000 of the $342,000 bid to overlay two miles of city streets. Sections of Fifth Street, Pine Street and Maple Street will be overlaid with asphalt this this summer.

Rogers said the projects will take between two and three months to complete.