Ballot positions for the November general election were determined last week in a drawing held at the Logan County Courthouse.

Whether or not ballot position has any impact on voters brought differing opinions from some of those present for the drawing.

"I don’t think it’s very important," Election Commission member Jason Davis of Paris said. "I think name recognition is the most important part of it."

Commission member Bill Garner of Booneville, disagreed.

"Of course there’ll be some who vote for the first person on the ballot," Garner said. "There’s some importance to being first on the ballot."

Here are how the names will appear on the November ballot in contested races in northern Logan County:

Mayor of Paris

Daniel Rogers (I)

Bill Elsken

Richard Harrison Davis, Jr.

Paris City Clerk

Julie White

Kimberly Higgins

Mary Beth Nehus

Mary L. Sullivan (I)

Paris Alderman Ward 2, Position 1

Bret D. Sullivan (I)

Pam Baumgartner

Mayor of Caulksville

Richard Pettigrew (I)

Doyle Jeffery Knight, Jr.

Logan County Judge

Ray Gack (R)

Mark Limbird (D)

Logan County Sheriff

Sheriff Steve Smith (D, I)

Boyd D. Hicks (R)

U.S. Senate

Mark H. Swaney (G)

Nathan LaFrance (L)

Senator Mark Pryor (D, I)

Tom Cotton (R)

Fourth Congressional District

Representative Bruce Westerman (R)

Jame Lee Witt (D)

Ken Hamilton (L)


Frank Gilbert (L)

J. Joshua Drake (G)

Asa Hutchinson (R)

Mike Ross (D)

Lieutenant Governor

Congressman Tim Griffin (R)

John Burkhalter (D)

Christopher Olson (L)

Attorney General

Aaron Cash (L)

Representative Nate Steel (D)

Leslie Rutledge (R)

Secretary of State

Jacob D. Holloway (L)

Susan Inman (D)

Secretary of State Mark Martin (R,I)

State Treasurer

Karen Sealy Garcia (D)

Chris Hayes (L)

Circuit Clerk Dennis Milligan (R)

Auditor of State

Brian Leach (L)

Regina Stewart Hampton (D)

Representative Andrea Lea (R)

Commissioner of State Lands

Mark A. Robertson (D)

Commissioner John Thurston (R,I)

Elvis D. Presley (L)

(D-Democrat, G-Green, L-Libertarian, R-Republican, I-Incumbent)