The Logan County Jail Committee — composed of members of the Quorum Court, County Judge Gus Young and Sheriff Steve Smith — met last week for the first time since finding out that Franklin County officials were no longer interested in building a jail to serve both counties.

The meeting took place last Tuesday at the Logan County Courthouse in Paris.

According to Young, members of the committee will forward a recommendation to the full Quorum Court that the county start thinking about building a new county jail on its own.

"We want to keep the full Quorum Court informed of what we’re doing," Young said. "My suggestion to the committee is that in next year’s budget, the JPs should appropriate money to hold a special election on a sales tax increase to build and operate a new jail and get the plans ready. That way, come Jan. 1, you’ll have money to proceed and get things done. Between now and Jan. 1, you get some things decided, such as how big a jail to build and where to build it."

Logan County needs a new county jail because of overcrowding. The present facility can house up to 34 prisoners and was built in the 1980s.

The group also heard from Danny Hickman, the coordinator for the Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committee.

"He told us to make sure we build a jail big enough to handle future needs, don’t under staff it and make sure we have a good jail administration," Young said.