Those getting their walking exercise at the park on Wood Street will soon have an opportunity to extend their workout with the addition of 10 exercise stations.

The stations are now being built by employees of the Paris School District. Once completed, the stations will be maintained by the city under them terms of a joint use agreement between the district and the city.

Funds for the stations come from a $10,000 Coordinated School Health Grant, according to Margaret Wilks of the Paris School District. The grant was awarded last July.

"We thought that would be a good enhancement to the walking track," Wilks said. "Our physical education classes will also be using the stations."

The 10 stations are are highlighted by signage that describes the exercise. Their installation began last week. The exercises are pull ups, sit ups and exercises designed for strength and flexibility, Wilks said.

The exercises are calf stretch, upperhamstring stretch, side stretch, hamstring and quadriceps stretches, bent knee hang, knee lift, toe raise, sit up, leg raise, quadriceps climb and sit, pull up, upward stretch, leg stretch and push up. Some of the stations offer fitness facts and an opportunity to check heart rate.

Wilks is hopeful the public will take advantage of the exercise stations.

"The walking trail is getting a lot of use," she said. "I think the stations is a great enhancement to the park. It’s another resource for the people of our community."