A new school year began Monday and school officials in north Logan County said everything went smoothly.

Of course, enrollment is always the big news of the first day of school and it was a mixed bag for local districts.

Paris School Superintendent Wayne Fawcett said Monday that there were 313 students at Paris High School and 395 at Paris Elementary School. Paris Middle School had not reported enrollment as of early Monday afternoon, Fawcett said.

"Right now, that’s a drop in enrollment," Fawcett said."We’re waiting to find out how many are enrolled vs. who shows up."

Last year, the Paris School District had 1,134 students.

Fawcett said one factor in the Paris enrollment is a drop-off at the Kindergarten level.

"Our Kindergarten class is the lowest it’s been in several years," Fawcett said Monday.

Fawcett added that he’s not expecting a big swing in Paris enrollment one way or another.

Taylor Gattis, superintendent of the County Line School District, said attendance was at 435 students Monday. That’s a drop of one student compared to the end of the last school year.

"That’s going to change," Gattis said. "Enrollment always fluctuates the first week of the year."

Attendance at Scranton was placed at 413 students by Superintendent Dr. James Bridges. Scranton had 406 students at the end of the last school year. Bridges said his district saw an increase in enrollment in Kindergarten.

Matt Stengel, Headmaster at Subiaco Academy, said the all-male Catholic school on the grounds of Subiaco Abbey had 195 students enrolled, compared to 184 last year. There are 60 students, the same as last year, enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic School in Paris, according to Principal Julie Rochester.

Enrollment numbers are very important to public schools because each student represents about $6,500 in funding from the state. Schools have to report numbers on Oct. 1. However, they can get a clearer picture of enrollment on Sept. 2, the first school day after Labor Day.

"We’ll know a lot more on Sept. 2," Fawcett said. "If they don’t show up for school by then, we can drop them.