Bruce Westerman of Hot Springs, the Republican candidate in the race for Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District seat in Congress, came to Paris on Tuesday, July 29 for a fund raiser at the home of Sam McCutcheon and Dr. Lee Lane.

There were 55 people in attendance. Westerman is presently a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, serving as Majority Leader.

Prior to the start of the fund raiser, Westerman said in an interview that his campaign was going well and that he’s been very busy lately.

"We’ve spent a lot of time in the River Valley over the weekend," Westerman said.

Westerman also talked about what he’s hearing from voters as he campaigns across the district.

"I hear it a lot of different ways, but people are tired of the federal government getting involved in their lives," he said. "They’re looking for freedom to live their lives and grow their businesses. I still hear a lot about Obama care and other regulations coming from the federal government."

Westerman also said that the economy is still on a lot of minds.

"If you look in Arkansas, there are still a lot fewer people working now than in 2007," he said. "There are 59,000 fewer people in the state working today. There’s 9.4 percent unemployment across the Fourth District and statewide, it’s 6.2 percent."

Westerman also addressed another issue in the race — the influence of money being spent by interest groups from outside the state.

"Regardless of how I feel about it," he said, "there’s nothing I can do about it. They have the right to spend that money."

As for the fund raising part of the campaign, Westerman said he didn’t know how much it would take to win the seat.

"We ran the primary spending about half we thought we’d have to," he said. "Our fund raising is going well. We had a great last quarter. Since the primary, I think we’ve out raised our opponent."