A land auction, conducted on behalf of Logan County last week, brought in $24,244.90 in bids and $6,717.22 in back taxes for a total of $30,962.12.

The auction took place Thursday, April 3 in the third floor courtroom of the Logan County Courthouse in Paris. Representatives from the Commissioner of State Lands conducted the sale.

During the auction, 15 parcels were offered and 10 of them were sold. Twenty bidders registered for the sale, which took 14 minutes to complete.

The auction season began Tuesday in Russellville and will continue through September, with one auction for each county.

The Commissioner of State Lands office uses the auctions as a last resort to obtain delinquent taxes on behalf of the 75 counties.

Office spokesman Phillip Carper explained that the auction provides delinquent owner a final chance to redeem his or her property, and this year property owners will have more opportunity, thanks to a change in the redemption period.

“Even after the property sells at auction, the delinquent owner will have 10 days to redeem the property following the sale, but this just forces their hand a bit,” Carper said.

Property owners had many opportunities to redeem properties by paying taxes, fees and penalties, and this year a number of people did so before the auction began. In Logan County, nine properties were redeemed right before the auction, leaving 15 up for bid.

Properties not sold at auction may be offered for post-auction sale.

The Commissioner of State Lands collected and turned back more than $21 million in delinquent taxes and excess funds statewide last year.

The bulk of that money goes to local school districts.

The largest winning bid on a single parcel was $17,000 for a 10-acre lot.