A man accused of abducting his four-year-old son from his ex-wife’s place of work in Paris last week and running from police on foot is in the Logan County Detention Center this week on a $50,000 bond.

Milton Ray Brown has been charged with two felonies — false imprisonment and terroristic threatening — and three misdemeanors — fleeing, endangering the welfare of a minor and second degree assault on a family or household member.

The incident began around 3:15 p.m. on Monday, June 23 when Paris Police got a phone call reporting an abduction from 22 Food, where Brown’s ex-wife works. The caller reported that a man had taken a child from the store and was last seen running west towards Walmart and KFC-Taco Bell.

The officer responding arrived and checked the restaurant and the Walmart parking lot, according to incident reports. Another officer then searched Walnut Street, Main Street and Lowder Street in an attempt to locate the subject. He then got a call that the subject was behind Tobacco Town on East Walnut Street. Officers attempted to make contact with the subject but he fled, despite repeated commands to stop, according to the incident report.

The subject was then spotted jumping the fence of a residence on Short Mountain Street. Shortly after that, Brown was observed running north and then west along the side of the Girl Scout Hut. Three police officers surrounded the suspect on three sides of a house east of the corner of 10th and East Short Mountain streets. The suspect then ran west with an officer giving chase on foot and telling him to stop and lie down on the ground multiple times.

When he reached North 10th Street, Brown stopped and put his son down and then continued to flee. A police officer called the child’s by name, picked him up and placed him into his patrol car. The child was unharmed and returned to his mother, according to incident reports.

Brown was captured in a back yard on North 10th street and taken to the Logan County Detention Center and jailed.

The child’s mother told police Brown called her that morning and asked her to drive him to Greenwood for a court appearance. The woman told officers that after the court appearance, while driving back to Paris, Brown started screaming at her and grabbing her around the neck and jaw, according to incident reports. The woman also told officers that while driving, Brown attempted to grab the car’s steering wheel, according to the incident report. Brown continued yelling at her after they arrived at 22 Food, the report states.

The woman told police Brown has threatened to kill her more than once, according to the incident report.