The first Saturday Squared, an expansion of the Paris Farmer’s Market taking place on the second Saturday of the month, was a success, according to organizers.

The event took place on the lawn of the Logan County Courthouse in Paris last Saturday morning. The Forbis Family of Paris was on hand to provide music and there were more vendors (between eight and 10) in attendance.

"I felt like we did well and we were happy with the attendance," said Liz Preston of Prestonrose Farms of Subiaco, who coordinated the event. "Everyone who had produce for sale sold out and eight to 10 vendors is what were were looking for. We had steady traffic all morning long. We got the customer turnout we needed to bring back vendors."

Produce wasn’t the only product on sale last Saturday. One vendor had handmade signs for sale, another had wind chimes and other ornaments and flowers and fresh eggs were for sale.

"I thought it was a success given the fact that it was the first and there’s a limited amounts of vegetables available," said Karey Sparks of Logan County Glass and Mirror. Sparks is a member of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce’s Merchant Committee and is working with Preston on the project. "We’ve been eating vegetables all weekend."

Preston also said the Saturday Squared event will grow in the future.

"We’ve got five or six farmers who want to participate but they’re waiting on their produce to get ready," she said.

The next Saturday Squared event will take place Saturday, July 12.