Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers has announced that he will seek a second term in office in the November municipal elections.

Rogers was elected to a four-year term in 2010.

"It’s hard to express in words what an honor it is to serve as your mayor," Rogers said. "I believe in the people of Paris and I believe that I’ve worked hard to solve problems we have in our city. We have taken major steps forward in setting up the groundwork to fix our aging infrastructure. City residents now enjoy free trash service from the city. We have brought in outside money through grants to make improvements to streets and parks and we are in the process of finalizing the plans that will expand our water plant and permanently rid us of annual water conservation in our city."

Rogers also said that in his first term, he worked to secure new water contracts with outside groups and cities.

"We have also secured water contracts that will cut back on the amount of water sold, which has put a strain on our system over the years, but have also recovered most of the money we would lose by not selling as much water," Rogers said.

Rogers also said that the city in the process of doing improvements to city streets.

"We have major street improvements going on this year, one project funded mostly by outside grant money," he said.

Rogers added that in his first term, he has cut government waste and the city has about 10 percent fewer full-time employees than when he took office.

"We are still providing the same amount of services," he said. "Financially, the city is in good condition. We have so many projects going on and have planted so many seeds for our future and I want to be your mayor and see these projects through."

Rogers said that if re-elected, he plans to keep listening to the citizens of Paris.

"I’ve held several town hall meetings in my first term to hear your opinions and your ideas on issues that concern you," he said. "If you have a problem, it’s my problem, too. This is your city and your government and I work for you. I will continue to support our senior citizen center, boys and girls club and chamber of commerce because they serve vital roles in our community. When I took office, we were on water conservation almost every year. We had water contracts up in the air, and no money to fix our aging water and sewer infrastructure. Today, we have the contracts signed and a plan to fix our aging infrastructure over time. Together, we have made great strides forward and I hope that you will continue to support me and allow me to serve you as your mayor."