The Booneville Police Department was still conducting an investigation Monday morning of a shooting at a South Sharpe Street residence Saturday night and may be seeking arrest warrants for three individuals Police Chief Al Brown said.

Brown said the BPD received a call that a "riot" was in progress in the 300 block of South Sharpe Street Saturday shortly after 7 p.m., and when they arrived they learned a resident had been shot in the arm with what was likely a small caliber weapon.

Brown said the bullet went into Thomas Johnson’s arm above the wrist and exited about an inch and a half up his forearm. Brown said emergency personnel were summonsed to the scene but Johnson refused treatment.

"It was kind of like a graze," said Brown.

Johnson told police that he was in his residence drinking beer Saturday night when the doorbell rang and three individuals were waiting outside and a fight commenced. Brown said Johnson told investigators he was defending himself when at one point he saw a gun and subsequently heard a shot.

Witnesses, most of whom were intoxicated the chief said, told police there were three individuals involved in the altercation and that they were traveling in a white Toyota Camry, but they could not provide a year, any part of the license plate or even from what state the plate was issued.

But, Brown said, police are expecting to be able to identify the vehicle easier because witnesses said Thompson used a piece of a chair to beat on the vehicle, possibly breaking a window, as it left the residence.

Brown said he does believe those involved are from the Booneville area and officers were actively seeking for the trio throughout the night Saturday and into Sunday.

Brown said if, after a sobering period, witnesses tell largely the same story, an arrest warrant would be sought for the three individuals, whose names he would not yet divulge.

As to what triggered the incident, Brown said it was unclear but the investigation will look into drug and or previous altercation connections.