The first two projects paid for by proceeds from a one-cent sales tax increase approved last year have been completed, according to Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers.

However, another infrastructure improvement project on Pine Street is behind schedule but will be completed next month, Rogers said.

The projects financed by sales tax proceeds entailed replacement of existing sewer lines on Dandridge, Chaney and Hurley streets and Kalamazoo Road. Last August, voters approved the one-cent sales tax hike and the proceeds can only be used for water and sewer improvements.

An existing eight-inch line was replaced on Dandridge, Chaney and Hurley streets with a 10-inch line.

"That should take care of the problems they’ve been having in that area," Rogers said. "It should also help with the greater demand expected because of development on Dandridge Street.

A contractor is building duplexes on Dandridge Street.

"That area was having sewage backup problems when it rained," Rogers said.

The project was completed earlier this month.

A larger sewer line was also installed on a section of Kalamazoo Road, Rogers said.

"A lot of times the line would fill up and blow out into yards," he said. "The new line prevents that."

That project was completed in mid-August.

The two projects, which began in July, cost approximately $200,000, Rogers said.

The project to widen Pine Street between Fifth and 10th Streets, began in June and was scheduled to be completed in 45 days. It hasn’t been completed yet.

"It’s taken too long," Rogers said. "I didn’t know it would take this long.

"We were shorthanded in manpower and we haven’t done a project like this," Rogers said. "We ran into delays when we had to lower every water line and every sewer line. That takes a lot of time."

Earlier this month, Rogers got approval from the Paris City Council to bring in a construction crew to finish the job so the street can be re-paved. M. Phillips Construction of Magazine is now finishing the tile work needed before the street can be re-paved, Rogers said.

"They are only charging us for the labor because we already purchased the materials," he said. "They’re going to charge us between $15,000 and $20,000."

Rogers said the new tile work should be finished this week.

"Hopefully the new asphalt can be put down in three weeks," Rogers said.

The street is being widened from 18 feet to 20 feet.