The water tanks in Paris are slowly filling up after an overnight electrical problem caused a pump to stop working and the city’s water tanks were drained dry.

Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers is asking Paris residents and customers of its water utility to use water sparingly which will help the tanks fill faster.

The city of Paris and customers of its water system remain under a boil order until further notice, according to Rogers. He said the order is required by the state’s health department. The order was issued Friday morning.

"The problem is fixed but both of our water tanks went dry," Rogers said Friday morning. "We ran all the way out. The electrical problem was in one of the raw water pumps."

Rogers said the tanks should fill up by Saturday.

"It’s not good, but we’ll probably have water back by tomorrow," he said.

Because of the water situation, Rogers is asking residents to refrain from shooting off fireworks today. Shooting off fireworks is also illegal in Paris.

"The last thing we need right now is a fire," he said.