To the Editor:

Don’t balance the budget on the backs of poor children.

Head Start and Early Head Start programs are facing devastating budget cuts that will slam shut the window of opportunity for nearly 70,000 at-risk children. By failing to avert the budget sequester, our elected officials have missed the opportunity to lead by example and place the most vulnerable among us on a pathway to lifelong success.

As the Director of Paris Community Development, I can tell you that these cuts will be particularly catastrophic to the poor children and families we serve. For nearly 50 years, Head Start has been getting results in preparing our neediest children for school and leading the early childhood field in innovation and quality through both high standards and relentless insistence on excellence.

Here in Arkansas, sequester means approximately 5 percent fewer children can be served by Head Start and Early Head Start.

Head Start and other non-defense discretionary programs — at 3.4 percent of the budget — are not the cause of our growing debt. Congress needs to act quickly to restore fiscal stability and maintain funding for Arkansas’s at-risk children. Our nation’s budget simply can not be balanced on the backs of poor children.

Denise McHughes


Paris Community Development

To the Editor:

The family of Nate and Olivia Henderson would like to say thank you for all your prayers that went out while our kids where in the hospital in the months of December and February.

Words cannot describe how truly blessed we are to have so many friends and family that prayed for our kids. It was overpowering to hear that so many people were praying for them.

Thank you to who sent cards, balloons, stuffed animals and everything else.

Thank you, Bro. Kenny Maness, for coming to the hospital and praying for Olivia.

Thank you to all the churches who prayed for our children.

Thank you to all nurses, doctors, Angel One and everyone else that worked on our kids.

The power of prayer works in ways that only can be seen when God touches and heals the sick. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts.

Chris, Jessie, Olivia

and Nate Henderson

To the Editor:

The Boys and Girls Club of Paris hosted its ninth Annual Basketball Jamboree on Saturday, March 9 for third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade boys and girls.

We hosted 22 teams from Paris, Charleston, Van Buren, West Helena, Clarksville, West Fork, Ozark, Two Rivers, Mansfield, Greenwood, Magazine, Berryville, and Fort Smith with a total of 200 youth who participated in this fun-filled and exciting day.

We would like to thank Paris School District for providing the venue and letting us use the high school and middle school gyms and facilities. We would also like to thank all the many volunteers: parents, coaches, students, board members and club staff for setting up, working at the gate and concessions stands, and cleaning up that helped to make this event a success.

We are truly grateful to all for supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Paris.

Joe Bujarski

Athletic Director

Boys and Girls Club of Paris