Successful hunters this turkey season will have a new number to check their success. As part of a larger license vendor change taking place, the call-in center for checking game will have a new phone number – 844-5AR-HUNT (844-527-4868).

“Anyone still hunting with the license they purchased last year will have the old phone number on their license,” said Tony Davis, chief information officer for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “But any new licenses purchased or reprinted after April 1 will have the correct information.”

Davis says that the telephone check-in system will function as always, but hunters may want to explore checking their turkey via if they have a data signal. In addition to being fast, and user-friendly, the improved website checking system also has a tab available to see harvest results across the state in near real-time.

“We’ve had both of these things available through the website before, but now it’s located much more conveniently for hunters,” Davis said. “This is just one of the advantages to the new licensing system we’re using.”

Hunters still must tag their turkey with tags provided on their license. OVERSET FOLLOWS:The new license system includes tags that can be printed at home or through any license vendor at the time of purchase. Tags must remain on the animal until it reaches the final point of storage.