The nine hole course at Little Creek Golf Club, located just west of Paris, has had its ups and downs over the years, but recent efforts have the course looking great and drawing in new membership.

In other words, it has withstood the test of time.

Along with the progress has come a Wednesday night league. Now, you may think that you are not good enough for league golf, but they will be the first to tell you that this league is fun and competitive for all levels of players.

The league format is a two-man scramble, head-to-head against another team each Wednesday night for nine holes. The league draws both young and old, men and women, the long time golfer and those who are just happy to be there.

To level play, a team handicap is assigned to each team based other level of play. Ladies and seniors play from their respective tee boxes, and two teams with ladies won their rounds last Wednesday. The league has been fused with younger golfers inviting their peers out for play, and now the league has 19 teams, meaning one team gets a week off.

The huge success of the league speaks volumes to the efforts underway at Little Creek. The course is looking significantly better, and attendance is growing. The league grew significantly over the last year, and with the current growth rate, they will be looking at ways to streamline the process to add additional players next year.

This group is about more than just trying to score low. On the night, long drives were celebrated, as were key puts, but there was plenty of fun with shots going left and right, and in the marquee matchup, there was even an 18-inch put missed by both players, resulting in both frustration and humor.

At the end of the season, not only is there a trophy given to the winning team, but several other awards are created through the season based on the events in play.

After a night with this crew, you will have a love for the game and be ready to dust off the clubs and start practicing to put a team of your own in next season. Just start working on your team name. Currently, W Sammich is in the lead, but Going Postal and Two Bricks Shy are right on their heels. Hackers Anonymous talked a good game but still sit in seventh place, while the Newlyweds likely moved out of the cellar with their win Wednesday night. Teams like Breaking Bogey and Dude Where’s My Par are clustered in the middle of the pack.

While the league is full and playing this season, come out to Little Creek and enjoy the beautiful course and the improvement they are making while working on your own team (and team name) for next year.