From Highway 22 west of Paris, Little Creek Country Club is looking a little more like the course that drew players from across the region in the 1990’s.

The course is clean and well kept, and maintenance is continually improving. At the core of that change is the volunteer efforts of the members of the country club. Many would think that membership means entitlement, but at Little Creek, it has been a joint effort with members working alongside employees to not just maintain, but improve the facilities so that everyone, members and walk ons alike, can enjoy a tailored local nine-hole golf course.

Both young and old find their way to contribute.

Every Tuesday morning, a group of seniors join together to take on whatever tasks the week brings. On that day, the course doesn’t open till noon so that the volunteers can work. On most any day, you can find a volunteer working, riding a mower, moving brush or limbs after storms, or fixing water lines. Some spend hours maintaining equipment so others can use it.

The greens have been a point of emphasis, with them now getting softer and having better grass, a definitive fairway and fringe leading players in.

From the highway, you can see the improvements on the seventh green and eighth tee box, and a year from now, expect to see even more improvements, as the fairways take shape and the rough more clearly defined. Membership is affordable at Little Creek, and the camaraderie among the membership has been a key to the recent success of the course.