With the school term winding down and the sports seasons for basketball, softball, baseball, and track completed, the athletes and their guests closed out the season with the annual awards banquet.

First to present awards was softball coach Wes Davis. Team awards went to Hannah Simmons, Defensive Player of the Year; Brittany Colston, Hustle Award; Macy Harrison, Most Improved; Christ Huber, Golden Glove Award; and Kailee Johnson, MVP. Simmons and Johnson were also presented with All Conference awards. In addition to team awards, players earned their letter: first year lettermen-Makayla King, Anna Sullivan, Ashley Gomez, Raegan Cates, Macy Harrison, Brittany Colston, Emily Richey, Rylee Pennington, Michaela Knoles, and Macy Hurt; second year lettermen-Katelyn Kemp, Christa Huber, and Kytan Tencleve; third year lettermen-Kelley Broadbent, Kailee Johnson, and Hannah Simmons; and fourth year letterman-Ashley Fulmer.

Coach Clint Baxter presented the awards for the baseball team. Team awards went to Justin Hibbs, Defensive Player of the year; Sam Parham, Offensive Player of the Year; and CJ Privett, Eagle Award. Earning their letter in baseball were the following: first year-Aaron Sheffield, Jake Schneider, Tanner Phillips, Logan Nieves, Cade Johnson, Clayton Hamilton, Jeffrey Canada, and Cody Bradley; second year-CJ Privett, Sam Parham, Ben Nix, Wyatt Nehus, Will Kremers, Gage Hampton, Jordan Forbis, Trey Dewitt, Charlie Conkin, and Cole Sanders; third year-Justin Hibbs, James Dement, and David Buchanan; and fourth year-Andy Trusty.

Presenting the senior boys track awards was Coach Marc Tucker. Team awards went to Trenton Moeller, outstanding Sprinter and Field Events; Mark Dement, outstanding Distance Runner; and Rondney Lo, Eagle Award. Earning their letter in track were the following: first year-Kelton Braswell, Cade Johnson, CJ Privett, Clayton Hamilton, Charlie Conkin, and Dustin Brown; second year-Chase Gray, Austin Ford, Chase Wilson, Grant Hutson, Chris Cunningham, Jordan Forbis, Ryan Hatcher, and Kaleb Owens; third year-Mark Dement, James Dement, Payton Johnston Jones, Andy Trusty, Trenton Moeller, and Rondney lo.

Coach Bryan Hutson presented the awards to the senior girls track members. Team awards went to Christa Huber, Outstanding Distance Runner; Kyra Austin, Outstanding Sprinter; Morgan Highfield, Outstanding Field Events; and Rachel Hamilton, Eagle Award. Earning the letter in track were the following: first year-Chloe Jay, Hunter Allen, Morgan Highfield, and Abby Crawford; second year-Daisy Mitchell and Morgan Davis; third year-Christa Huber, Kyra Austin, Kristin Lowe, and Rachel Hamilton.

Presenting the awards for the senior girls basketball team was Coach Toby Tevebaugh. Team awards went to Lycia Peevy, Leading Scorer; Morgan Highfield, Most 3 Pointers; Kytan Tencleve, Most Steals; Matti Huber, Highest Free Throw Percentage; Hannah Simmons, Heart Award; and Christa Huber, Eagle/MVP. Earning their letter were first year-Lycia Peevy, Abby Crawford, Chloe Jay, Becky Hatcher, Morgan Highfield, Lacy Diaz, and Kytan Tencleve; second year-Matti Huber and Hannah Simmons; third year-Christa Huber.

Several members of the team were also awarded state and area media awards. Named All Conference were Christ Huber, Matti Huber, Hannah Simmons, Morgan Highfield, Kytan Tencleve, Lacy Diaz, and Lycia Peevy; All State were Christa Huber and Lycia Peevy; All State Tournament, Christa Huber; and All Star, Christa Huber; SWTR All Area team-Christa Huber and Morgan Highfield; SWTR Newcomer of the Year-Lycia Peevy; All Area Media-Christa Huber and Morgan Highfield; and Arkansas Democrat All Arkansas Sophomore Team-Lycia Peevy.

The final awards of the night were presented by senior boys head coach Mike Foster. Earning the team awards were Wyatt Nehus, Assist Leader; David Buchanan, Rebound Leader; Grant Hutson, Defensive Player; Matthew Fitzjurls, Offensive Player; Jordan Forbis, Most Improved Player. Earning letters were first year-Josiah Pierce, Logan Nieves, Gage Hampton, Justin Ramos, Wyatt Nehus, Devin Rice, and Kelton Braswell; second year-David Buchanan, Grant Hutson, Justin Hibbs, Matthew Fitzjurls, Eric Sarmiento, and Kaleb Owens; third year-Jordan Forbis and Ryan Hatcher.

The boys team also had some members named to area media teams and earning state awards. Named All Conference were Wyatt Nehus and Matthew Fitzjurls; KARV Radio All Area Team-Matthew Fitzjurls and Wyatt Nehus; and SWTR All Area Honorable Mention-Jordan Forbis, and Matthew Fitzjurls.

These young ladies and men worked hard throughout their respective seasons and earned not only state awards but were also successful as teams making their way to the regional and state tournaments, winning district or taking second place, and participating in the state track and field meet. Congratulations to them all on a job well done.