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Paris Express History

A stock company was established in Paris in 1880 which published the first issue of the Paris Express on March 28 with J.T. Perryman as publisher and W.H.H. Harley as editor.

During the next five years of its existence it had several owners.

In 1885 the weekly Express was purchased from Charles Noble by William M. Greenwood, former publisher of the Chismville Star and an associate with the Fort Smith Daily Tribune.

Greenwood published the Paris Express for 46 years until his death in 1929. Hugh and J.C. Park of the Van Buren Press-Argus purchased the Express from the Greenwood estate and then sold it a few months later to Wallace D. Hurley.

Hurley published the paper until 1939 when it was purchased by John Guion and Robert Breeden.

Guion was editor and publisher of the Express and a sister paper, the Paris Progress, and in 1946 served as president of the Arkansas Press Association. It was at that time that the Paris company began publishing the Charleston and Greenwood papers.

The Progress, which was launched in 1910 with J.W. Wagner as owner and editor, started out as a semi-weekly. In 1920 it was renamed the Paris Progress and in 1927 became a weekly. By that time Leslie and C.E. Gray, father and son, were the owners. In 1941 it was sold to John Guion. The Paris Commercial Press, which was only in business during 1937 became consolidated with the Progress. It was also a weekly.

The papers were purchased in 1976 by Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc., of San Antonio, Tex. from John Guion. Victor Schneider continued as publisher.

On Jan. 1, 1987 it was purchased by Worrell Enterprises of Lynchburg, Va.

The Paris Express and the Paris Progress were combined into a bi-weekly bearing the name of Paris Express/Progress in January 1977.

The Paris Express/Progress was sold in April 1988 to Westward Communications, a Dallas-based company.

The bi-weekly Paris Express/Progress combined into a "super" weekly issue on May 17, 1989 called the Paris Express.

In July of 1997 Westward Communications sold to Westward Communications, LLC based out of The Woodlands, Tex.

Donrey Media Group purchased the Paris Express in March of 2000. In 2002 it changed its name to Stephens Media Group and later Stephens Media LLC. They are based in Las Vegas, Nev. with Michael Ferguson, President. Vickey Wiggins continued as publisher.

The Paris Express located at 22 South Express, currently employes five full-time employees and one part-time employee with a circulation of 3600. The web address is www.paris-express.com

In March 2015, New Media Investment Group acquired the assets of Stephens Media and became a member of GateHouse Media.


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