Five ways to have fun this weekennd

1. In theaters this weekend is yet another movie version of Dr. Seuss' Christmas classic, this time "The Grinch" is animated and voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch but he's still plotting to steal the Christmas joy from Whoville in this PG rated film; another reboot in theaters stars Claire Foy as hacker Lisbeth Salander in the R-rated action thriller "The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story"; lastly for those who love a good action-horror flick, "Overlord" rated R, is set during WWII and tells the story of two American paratroopers who find themselves fighting an army of Nazi zombies on the eve of D-Day.

2. Sunday is Veterans Day, and events will be held around town. Check the newspaper for ceremony listings, or catch national events on TV or online. Or volunteer to help veterans and their families in your community; find those opportunities via <a href="" ></a>

3. World Origami Days will end on Saturday (Japan's Origami Day). Lillian Oppenheimer founded the first origami group in America and she wanted the world to share in the magic of origami. Visit <a href="" ></a>/ to find diagrams on how to create an turkey, sailboat, baby elephant and much more out of folded paper.

4. Did you know that the bestselling books "Water for Elephants" and "The Night Circus" started as National Write a Book in a Month projects? NanoWriMonth takes place every November and participants in this annual, Internet-based creative writing project attempt to write www. sign up and try getting a couple thousand words down this weekend.

5. And don't forget about football this weekend! College and NFL seasons are heating up, and plenty of games are on tap this weekend. Check online or your TV listings for game times.

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