LAWNS. Minimize walking on your lawn on days the temperature doesn’t get above freezing as you may be patching bare spots in your yard next spring.

TREES/SHRUBS. If Mother Nature plans a dry spell, you will need to water. Plant dormancy does not lessen the need for watering. Especially monitor new transplants. Prune evergreens and use discards in holiday decorating.

ANNUALS. Continue clean-up of dead plants. Water and mulch pansies as needed.

PERENNIALS. Clear out dead plants, leaving some of the stem so you can locate plants next spring. Mulch to prevent heaving of plants during periods of freeze-thaw.

BULBS. Once ground freezes, add mulch for protection and to conserve moisture.

HOUSEPLANTS. Don’t forget their need for attention during the holidays.

ROSES. My “Knock-Out’s” finally got zapped by cold last week. Delay drastic pruning until late in the winter season. Trim only to tidy up plants for now. Mulch as needed.

LIVING CHRISTMAS GIFTS. If a care tag does not accompany your plant, consult your nurseryman, look on-line for information or peruse a book on houseplants..

LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE. Bottom line: keep hydrated. Don’t run the lights when you’re not at home. Don’t forget that spent tree will make excellent fish habitat in a pond.

FIREPLACE. A properly cleaned fireplace makes for safer burning. Use yours as little as possible this season - after all, it does contribute to air pollution. When you do burn, use properly seasoned wood. No one enjoys having firefighters pay visits!

Happy holidays from your Logan County Master Gardeners!