Aging has long been associated with a slow mental decline. Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist and best-selling author, and Natrol offer these tips to help regain your focus.

Give yourself a daily challenge

"Every time you learn something new, or play a challenging game or read a book, it's like depositing a dollar into that account," Dow says. "The more cash deposits you make, the more you have to spare."

Feed your brain

The right food, for example, an antioxidant-rich diet including unsweetened tea, berries and turmeric, can support brain health. Dow also recommends taking a supplement.

Tend to your relationships

Maintain relationships and be open to creating new ones, because they can have a profound effect on brain health.

Get enough sleep

Dow recommends practicing healthy sleep habits, striving for eight hours each night, being consistent with your bedtime routine and using melatonin.

Reasons to go nuts

For the roughly 75 million baby boomers, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons against age-related diseases. Dr. Mike Roussell, a nutrition consultant, says nuts, like pistachios, fight the onset of disease in these ways.

1. Heart health: People who eat nuts have a lower risk of heart attack.

2. Anti-inflammatory: Excessive inflammation causes several age-related conditions.

3. Weight loss: Pistachios promote weight maintenance.

4. Digestion: Fiber in nuts helps with digestion.

5. Blood glucose level: Nuts are a diabetes superfood.

6. Skin health and appearance: Pistachios contain antioxidants that work to protect from damaging UV light.

7. Eyesight: Pistachios contain lutein, a nutrient that helps improve eye health.

8. Memory: Fatty acids and antioxidants in nuts can help support brain health.

9. Sleep: Nuts are rich in minerals like magnesium that may aid sleep.

10. Energy: Pistachios have been shown to promote energy.

Science-based suggestions for self-confidence

Even slight changes to your routine can boost your self-confidence, according to Consider these science-based suggestions to help you put your best foot forward when dealing with everything life throws your way.

Get moving. Exercise improves self-esteem.

Ramp up your smile. Scientists say our brains are zapped with an instant mood boost when we smile.

Let your body language communicate self-respect. Keep shoulders pulled back and your body straight and tall.

Optimize color in your clothing. The right shade may light up your face and have a surprising impact on your mood.

Wear scent strategically. Our brains link certain smells to positive experiences.