If the warmer spring weather has you itching to go outside and play in the dirt, then you might be a gardener. Even for beginners, gardening can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and decrease depression. Along with the health benefits, having a garden in your own backyard or a plot in a community garden gives you the ability to cultivate your own produce. To help enhance your gardening skills, here are some podcasts about gardening to listen to.

The Sod Show: Lifelong gardener and horticulturist Peter Donegan hosts The Sod Show, giving listeners tips on gardening and garden design. Donegan also interviews fellow garden designers, head gardeners, nurserymen and women about the origins of their particular plant obsessions. Recent episodes include “Matt Keightley,” “Anna Skibniewski-Ball” and “Miranda Janatka, Kew Gardens.” Find it: http://www.sodshow.com/

In Defense of Plants: Host Matt Candeias is obsessed with plants, and he wants to tell the stories of each one. Candeias packs each episode with interviews with other plant enthusiasts and shares insights about plants from duckweed to the tallest redwood. Recent episodes include “The Columnar Cacti Trifecta,” “Botany & Culture at Longwood Gardens” and “Forests, Ozone, and Earth’s Largest Mass Extinction.” Find it: http://www.indefenseofplants.com/podcast/

You Bet Your Garden: Mike McGrath hosts the You Bet Your Garden podcast where he takes calls from the public about everything from selective bird feeding to clearing weeds from your walkway. Recent episodes include “Best Practices for Ornamental Grasses,” “How Much Ash Should a Gardener Use If a Gardener Could Use Ash?” and “What to Do When Your Lawn is a Lake.” Find it: https://whyy.org/programs/you-bet-your-garden/

Still Growing: Master Gardner and blogger Jennifer Ebeling — better known as 6ftmama — hosts the Still Growing podcast, which focuses on the “joys of digging in the dirt” and helping your garden grow. The podcast features in-depth interviews, subject matter experts, gardening advice and tips, and free resources. Recent episodes include “Calculating The Real Value of Trees,” “How to Create Foliage Framework for your Garden” and “How to Keep — Not Kill — Houseplants.” Find it: http://6ftmama.com/still-growing/