My neighbor’s camellia is absolutely gorgeous and I’m going to ask permission to propagate some cuttings. What should I do? Take 3 to 4 inch cuttings in July. Dip ends in rooting powder and stick them in a pot with moist potting mix. Cut the bottom out of a large, clear-plastic soft drink bottle and place it over the pot. It acts as a greenhouse, holding in humidity. Give pot plenty of bright light but no direct sun. Cuttings should root in 4 to 6 weeks.

What can I do to control an over-abundance of earwigs in my garden? Earwigs are brownish-red insects with distinctive pointy pincers on their tail ends. They are beneficial to the garden, feeding on decaying organic matter. Large infestations can cause minor damage. Sprinkle Ortho Earwig, Roach & Sow Bug Bait on the soil to control their numbers.

Information please on how to overwinter a mandevilla vine indoors. Locate your mandevilla to a sunny window. It will keep this semi-tropical, evergreen vine from dropping a lot of its foliage. Let soil go slightly dry between through waterings. Do not fertilize unless you notice active plant growth. You may also wish to cut it back before you bring it indoors.

What caused my madagascar periwinkle to rot in my raised bed planters? Plants died back likely due to inadequate drainage.