How well are we educating our children (and grandchildren) in whose hands we will leave the legacy of our environmental efforts of protecting Mother Earth?

I propose an "environmental alphabet" for our little ones. It’s never to early to start educating by example either.

A is for Adopt an Animal from the local shelter. B, get out and bicycle. C is for Conserving energy. D is for protecting endangered species. E is for Educating your own family. ("Don’t throw it away, Dad. We can recycle that.") F is for Feeding the planet by composting and protecting our water and air. G is for Growing some of your own food. H is for Heating your home safely. I is for Investigating alternative energies - solar, etc. J is for Joining an environmental group. (Start with a "green" 4-H Club!) K is for Keeping your home and any place you visit, like the beach, CLEAN. L is for Loving your Mom and your Dad, the two most important people in your life. M is let your actions Make a Difference. N is for using Natural products and less chemicals that are not nature friendly. O is for help protect our Oceans. P is for Planting trees - Arbor Day is coming up in March. Q is for spending Quiet time in nature.

R is for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling - just do it! S - and this may not make Mom happy - is for taking Shorter Showers. T is for Taking Care of the rain forests. Just because we may never travel there personally to see them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware they need to be protected, too. U is one of my favorites - Use paper front AND BACK, then recycle it. V is to remind Mom and Dad to exercise their duty to speak up for and take of the environment by Voting. W is for using Water wisely. X is for co-existing peacefully. Y is for saying Yes to solar and other alternative energies. And Z is for protecting that all important ozone layer.

What kind of "earth example" are you setting? It’s never too late to change.