The filing period for the party primary and non-partisan judicial election in May ended last Thursday and three races for county-wide office and a race for a seat on the Paris School Board emerged.

The contest for the Position 5 seat on the Paris School Board will be between Dustin P. Schluterman and Beth Ullrich. The incumbent, Wanda Keener, did not file for re-election.

There will be two seats on the Scranton School Board on the May ballot. Candidates Hilda Turner (Position4) and Ryan W. Rogers (Position 5) are unopposed.

School Board seats have a five-year term of office.

The three races for county-wide office are for County Judge, County Sheriff and County Clerk. Because Issue 1 on the 2016 ballot passed with 70 percent of the vote, all county offices now carry a four-year term.

The race for County Judge pits incumbent Ray Gack against Randy Trusty. Both are Republicans. No Democrat filed for office.

The race for County Sheriff pits Jason W. Massey against Jason Parsons, both Republicans. No Democrat filed for office. Incumbent Boyd Hicks announced last year that he wouldn’t seek another term.

The race for County Clerk pits the incumbent Peggy Fitzjurls against Tracey Hughes. Both are Democrats. No Republicans filed for office.

Circuit Clerk Elaine Robertson (D), Tax Assessor Shannon Cotton (D), Treasurer Mickey Oates (D), Tax Collector Brittany Rogers and Coroner Blake Schluterman (D), all incumbents, are unopposed.

There will also be one race for Justice of the Peace. District 7 incumbent Bob Krepps, an independent, drew a challenge from Roger A. Osborne, a Democrat.

Other JP candidates who are unopposed are Joyce Koch (D) in District 4, James D. Stone (I) in District 8, John K. O’Brien (I) in District 5, Lindell Parsons (R) in District 2, Charles W. Sparks (R) in District 1, Charles T. Pearson (R) in District 6, Aaron Chastain (R) in District 3, Gearld Hodgson (I) in District 9, Dottie L. Williams (D) in District 11 and Jeannie Andrews (D) in District 10.

District 6 JP Mike Schluterman, District 6 JP Debbie Anhalt and District 1 JP Ken Hart did not file for re-election.

A race developed for the constable position of Barber Township between Independent Daniel Merry and Republican Kean Cunningham.

All other constable candidates are unopposed, including Jonathan Taylor (R) in Clark, Michael E Huber (R) in Ellsworth, Bobby Joe Turner (D) in Tomlinson and James Mashek (R) in Deleware.

State Sen. Gary Stubblefield and State Re. Jon Eubanks, both Republicans, filed for re-election. They will be unopposed in the primary. Eubanks faces Independent Curtis Varnell in November, provided Varnell gathers enough signatures to earn a spot on the ballot.

The next step for candidates is drawing for ballot position. That will take placed at 1 p.m. Friday in the Logan County Courthouse in Paris. The drawing is open to the public.