Logan County’s 1 percent general sales tax brought in $307,256.81 in the first quarter of the year, the highest first quarter collection in the last six years.

Logan County collects a 2 percent sales tax. One percent goes to the county general fund and 1 percent is designated for the construction and maintenance of a new county jail, now under construction in Paris. That 1 percent brought in $272,868.93 in the first quarter. The county shares the one percent general sales tax with nine incorporated communities in the county, with the county getting 56 percent of the total revenue.

Sales tax receipts are seen as a barometer of economic activity. Based on these results, Logan County Treasurer Mickey Oates said the county’s economy is performing well.

“Our sales tax collections run two months behind the month the sales took place,” Oates said last week. “That means the results from February of this year were for sales done in December, and that’s Christmas shopping. Merchants in the county obviously had a good Christmas season. The economy remains strong.”

In February, Logan County received $113,836.74, the highest monthly collection from the first quarter. January’s collection was $95,360 and March was $97,059.

Sales tax collections are also a significant part of the county’s overall budget. When the 2018 budget was put together last year, Oates projected monthly sales tax receipts at $91,667 per month or $1.1 million for the year. The county’s first quarter collections exceeded the projected amount each month.