Last Tuesday evening a bear was seen roaming through Hot Springs Village. Around 5 p.m. it was photographed by Victoria Hicks near Fresno Road. It’s uncertain, but likely that same bear ended up in Bob and Deb Brannan’s backyard.
“Last night just before dusk I looked out our back window to see what birds might be at our feeder,” said Deb Brannan.
At first she thought it was a man in an overcoat, but soon realized it was a bear standing at the feeder eating sunflower seeds. She snapped a few cell phone photos and as the bear stretched out on their pathway, called HSV police.
It was fairly dark outside, when an officer arrived. With a flashlight in hand, the officer located the bear near the house, seemingly unafraid.
The officer contacted the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) and stayed with the Brannans to await the wildlife officers.
As they waited, they removed a few suet feeders from the back porch so as not to further attract “Teddy,” as Deb affectionately called this bear.
Once on the scene, an AGFC officer and biologist tranquilized the bear for relocation.
After being sure of his shot, the dart was fired and the bear climbed 15 feet up a nearby tree.
As the drug took effect, “Teddy” slowly slid down the tree, landing safely on the ground. The officers then invited the Brannan’s to take a closer look at “Teddy” and shared interesting information about bears.
In all, four officers carried the bear to the street and loaded it for transport.
“At all times the four officers treated our home and us with respect and concern. We were kept informed of what was happening and felt very relieved that “Teddy” would live on in the wilds of Arkansas,” said Deb. “We were so grateful to the police department and AGFC for their professionalism. We were thrilled to have such an exciting and rewarding experience in the paradise we call home.”