Money was reported stolen during a convenience store robbery in Fort Smith on Sunday, according to a report from the Fort Smith Police Department.

Krista Harrison of the Fort Smith Police Department reported receiving a call in reference to a theft report at the Pic-N-Tote at 415 Garrison Ave. Sunday. She made contact with a Fort Smith woman, who reported a man came inside the store and picked up the donation bucket. The woman thought the man was "acting shady", so she started watching him. The man asked her about some allergy medication, so she stepped around the corner to show him where it was and saw him with money in one hand and the donation bucket in the other.

The woman immediately grabbed the bucket out of the man's hands, the report states. She attempted to grab the money, but struggled with the man. The woman reported the man pulled his hand back and said, "This is my money," and ran toward the door. The man then ran out the door, around the back of the building and down North 5th Street toward North B Street. The woman ran outside to tell one of the other workers to call the police.

Harrison reported the woman was able to give her copies of photos of the suspect from surveillance cameras.