The cause of a fire that destroyed a home at 902 North Fourth Street in Paris on Monday, May 14 was likely electrical, according to John Wells, chief of the Paris Volunteer Fire Department.

“It looks like it was pretty much an electrical fire,” Wells said last week. “It looks like it started in an electrical outlet that a window air conditioner was plugged into. The cause of the fire is not suspicious.”

The fire department was called to the scene at 5:27 a.m. Seventeen firemen responded, Wells said. No firemen were injured. The house was occupied at the time of the fire, but the occupant wasn’t home, Wells said. Firemen left the scene at 8:55 a.m. but were called back later after it was reported the blaze flared up. However, firemen discovered after arriving back at the scene that the structure was only producing smoke.

Wells said that when firemen first arrived at the scene, the fire was already blazing.

“The house was on fire at its south side,” Wells said. “It quickly spread into the attic. We had to wait until the fire vented through the roof in order to get water on it.”

Wells said the structure was “totally destroyed.”

The North Fourth Street fire wasn’t the only one reported in the area last week.

Around 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, the Crossroads-Subiaco Volunteer Fire Department was called to a Brown Street residence because of a grass fire.

“The property owners had a barn that had burned and they tore it down and were going to burn the debris,” Fire Chief Kyle Carter said last week. “The debris fire got away from them and started a grass fire, so they called us.”

Firemen put out the blaze, Carter said.