Newly hired Paris Eagle Head Football Coach Tyler Clark may be new to the position of head coach, but he is no stranger to success. He has been an assistant at larger schools and was part of Warren’s state championship run. After spending some time in the community, he said he feels encouraged and can already sense that Paris is ready for football.

When speaking to Clark, you get a sense that he understands the dynamics of a small town and what a team can mean to a community. He emphasized character and work ethic, and said he knew some about Paris before arriving. During the transition period, the athletes have emphasized defense, and after the dead period, which will end July 9, he will install his offense.

The team has handled transition as well as you can, experiencing their third head coach in as many years. Tyler expects the team to put in the work, on and off the field. When they start back, there will be mandatory practices with a weight session before hand. They will install the offense a that time. Though he prefers the spread style, he will take what the defense is giving. His previous offensive principles were 60/40, pass over run. However, with a transition year at quarterback, that could change. The offensive goal is to look complex to the defense while maintaining a simplicity for the Eagles as they learn a new system.

Currently, Coach Clark says he likes what he sees, with players giving max effort in person and in the film he has had access to. Many players have spent their down time from the school practices at university camps to improve position skill set. Look for Taylor to build on that as the Eagles get closer to the opening kickoff this fall in a conference that will be stacked and waiting.