The Paris City Council will gather on Monday, July 2 for its regular monthly meeting at the Municipal Building. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

One item facing Aldermen is a carry over item from the June meeting. It’s the condemnation of several pieces of property. Properties under consideration for condemnation proceedings are located at 211 South Elm, 902 North Fourth Street, 500 South Elm and 210 South 10th Street. The residence at 210 South 10th Street was not on the list considered in June.

Aldermen are also supposed to get a report on a 2017 audit.

“A representative from Beall Barclay will be down to present the council with the 2017 Audit Report,” Mayor Daniel Rogers said. “They will be shown another great audit report showing another positive year financially.”

Aldermen will also be asked to pay a portion of a sewage back up at a property owned by Tyron Varnell, Rogers said.

“A pump station went down during a heavy rain and seweage backed up in his property and he is asking to be reimbursed for a portion of the cleanup,” Rogers said. “I’m also looking for a city policy that fits for Paris to handle some of these occasional issues we have. If a policy was passed the council would allow the Mayor and Superintendent to investigate these issues and resolve them without having to bring it to the council.”

The final agenda item is a resolution amending the city’s’ 2018 budget.

“I’m going to prepare a budget resolution outlining how I would like to spend the remaining unappropriated money we have in the budget,” Rogers said. “We have property improvements that need to be made. We have been approved for a grant in the amount of $10,000 to make improvements to our Legion Hut building but $10,000 is much less than we applied for, so to do what we need to do out there we would need to appropriate more money to that project. We also want to make ball field improvements. We appropriated $15,000 but I’m going through our budget looking for more that we can spend at our ball fields.”