The Paris City Council got a good report on a city audit of 2017 and took care of some regular business when it met on Monday, July for a regular monthly meeting.

Chris Brown, of the Beall Barclay auditing firm of Fort Smith, presented the council with the audit report for 2017.

“He told the council we had a great audit report,” Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers said after the meeting. “He reported $595,011 in revenues over expenditures. He bragged on the job of our office personnel and his words were simply it was a great audit.

“Every year I’ve been Mayor, financially, we have had positive audits, but our personnel now is the best its been,” Rogers said. “The office is run incredibly well, and (City Clerk) Mary (Sullivan) and Valorie (Cripps) do a great job and deserve credit for that. Moving Valorie to finance has been a home run for the city. The City Council deserves credit for conservative budgeting, and my department heads have embraced the direction given of running a business-like, more efficient, effective city government. All that combined is why I believe, year after year, we continue to have positive, great audits.”

Aldermen voted unanimously to pay $250 to Tyron Varnell for clean up expenses he incurred while cleaning up a sewer backup at apartments he owns. The backup occurred when a sewer pump station malfunctioned.

Aldermen considered condemnation proceedings on property at 210 South 10th and 902 North Fourth. After discussion, no action was taken on either property.

“I let them know the property owner at 210 S. 10th had asked that it not be condemned and that they had a plan on taking care of the property themselves,” Rogers said. “On the 902 North Fourth property, they determined it hadn’t been burned long enough and wanted to see if the property owner would take care of it themselves. The owner has indicated to me that it will be taken care of and cleaned up soon.”

Two other properties scheduled to be considered for condemnation were left off the list, Rogers said.

“The other two were left off as we are still considering how bad of condition a property must be in to be determined condemnable,” Rogers said.

A proposal to change the 2018 budget was tabled by the City Council.

The proposed resolution would add $12,500 to ballpark improvements making that line item $27,500 from $15,000 and would have added $7,500 to a maintenance of city properties line item to make improvements to the old girl scout hut which sits on city property.

“The council didn’t seem against the proposed resolution. They just wanted real estimates of exactly the work to be done on the ball fields and building, so the proposed resolution was tabled to next month,” Rogers said.

The City Council also considered an item added onto the agenda for the meeting. The add-on ordinance, which was approved, allows the mayor to finance a new trash truck up a cost of $150,000.

“Our trash truck is getting a lot of age on it and we feel it’s time to buy a new one,” Rogers said. “We have found one we like for approximately $140,000. This ordinance will allow me to order this truck and finance it for up to five years. I expect it will take a few months for the truck to come in once ordered.”