The month of June was a dry one in Booneville and south Logan County.

According to the official rainfall totals collected at the Booneville Human Development Center, the area had stretches of eight, 10 and five straight days with no precipitation with the eight day streak starting the month and the five straight days ending the month.

The six days during which there was rainfall included two with less than .10 of an inch and the total for the month was a mere 3.12 inches, with 1.37 of that, or almost 44 percent, falling on June 23.

As is typically the case in the summer, dry was also accompanied by hot. There were 16 day in which the temperature reached at least 90 with a high of 97 on June 30.

With the exception of June 4 and 5, when lows were 57 and 58 degrees, low temperatures were in the 60s and 70s.