Students, teachers, staff and parents of students attending Paris Elementary School in the 2018-19 school year, which begins Monday, Aug. 13, are going to see two major new features in the building.

There will be a totally remodeled library space and a new, secure entrance to the building.

The library space remodel is nearing completion and will be ready when school opens, Principal Alan Anderson said last week. As for the new, secure entrance, Anderson said, “I hope it’s going to be ready on Aug. 13.”

The remodeled library features a stage, new lighting, new flooring, new technology, new tables and chairs, a new paint scheme, new window coverings and new doors, Anderson said.

“We started work on it before school was out, on May 15,” he said. “After this, every library in the school district will have been remodeled.”

Last week, workers were bringing in boxes of books to be placed back on shelves.

Anderson also said he expects the library to be heavily used.

“I think we’re going to see staff members use it a lot, especially for staff meetings,” Anderson said.

The new entry way will increase building security. Those wishing to enter the building will have to access an entry way and will be on camera. They will also have to press a buzzer to gain entry. The entry area will also have a section of bullet-proof glass allowing those in the office to see the person requesting entry. A tray will also be in the entry area allowing visitors to leave paperwork without gaining entry into the building.

Work on the new entry began in June, Anderson said.

“Logan County Glass is doing the work,” Anderson said. “We also need a brick layer to come in and make some modifications. We hope it’s ready on Aug. 13.”