The filing period for municipal offices to be decided in the November general election opened at noon on Friday. The filing period will end at noon on Friday, Aug. 17.

Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers and City Clerk Mary Sullivan wasted no time. They both filed for reelection last Friday. Each office carries a four-year term. Rogers is seeking his third term and Sullivan is seeking her fourth term in office.

Also on the November ballot in Paris will be Position 1 Aldermen in each of the city’s three wards. The present Position 1 Aldermen are Ray Sharum in Ward 1, Pam Baumgartner in Ward 2 and David Rhineheart in Ward 3. City Council positions in Paris have four-year terms of office. Sharum is seeking his fifth term in office. Baumgartner is seeking her second term in office. Rhineheart is seeking his fifth term in office.

The other city position on the ballot this year is city attorney. The present city attorney is Cory Wells. He would be seeking his fourth third term in office if he runs. The office has a four-year term.

In Subiaco, the mayor and the entire city council will be on the ballot in November. The mayor is presently Bobby Sewell.

In Scranton, the mayor and the entire city council will be on the ballot. The mayor is presently David Corbitt. The mayor’s position has a four-year term. Members of the city council have two-year terms.

In order to obtain a position on the ballot, hopefuls have to have the signatures of 30 registered voters in Paris and 10 in Scranton and Subiaco.

Those wishing to file for office have to turn in paperwork to County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls’ office before the deadline. Her office in located in the Logan County Courthouse in Paris.