What began in 1973 as an idea to honor our senior citizens for their community service contributions to Logan County is today’s Golden Harvest Award. The concept is to give recognition to a senior citizen, 65, or older, for community service as a Logan County Fair event. It began in 1974 by announcement and presentation of the award at the east door of the courthouse, followed by the recipient riding in the fair parade.

The first recipient, H. C. Norris, in 1974, was so delighted with the award that he did not want the ceremony to end, and after the parade led the Paris High School Band in a tune and danced a jig. The successor honorees were: Dr. Charles Smith, 1975; Wyley Elliot, 1976; Mr. & Mrs. Bill Daniels, 1977; Van Pennington, 1978; Dr. James Turner Smith, 1979; Ina Birkhead, 1980; Mary Lucille Knight, 1981; Crystal Tenborg, 1982; Berniece McNeal, 1983; T. C. Wingfield, 1984; Lila Needham, 1985; Clinton Richburg, 1986; John Rogers Gray, 1987; Roy Colvett, 1988; Frank Willems, 1989; Rev. Gorman Daniel, 1990; Bob Mantooth, 1991; Crete Shirley, 1992; Mr. & Mrs. James Kafkha, 1993; Pauline Neihouse, 1994; Baxter Crawford, 1995; Elizabeth Looney, 1996; Raymond and Irene Vaughn, 1997; Bob Ehren, 1998; John and Ruth McNeal, 1999; Denver Merritt, 2001; Ernest Hatcher, 2002; Mildred Schluterman, 2003; Bentley and Carolyn Allen, 2004; Russell and Yvonne Featherston, 2005; Floyd and Vera Trisler, 2006, Jerry and Ann Martin, 2007; Curtis Willhite, 2008; William and Edna Shumway, 2009; Louis Eckart, 2010; Joe Don and Susie Koenigseder, 2013; Guyula Conley, 2014; Jewell White, 2016; Lawrence and Mary Ann Geels, 2017.

The presentation will be at the Logan County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 5 p.m.

Nominations may be made by anyone submitting a story about the person to Logan County Fair Association, No. 15 Courthouse, 25 W. Walnut, Paris, AR 72855 by Wednesday, Aug. 16. The story should be about 500 words. The nominee’s name should be at the top of the page, but not mentioned in the story. It should be signed at the bottom by the person making the nomination. The name and the signature will be removed before judging.

You are urged to think of your friends and neighbors who would qualify for the Golden Harvest Award and submit your entry. The association and participation of friends and neighbors during the Logan County Fair emphasizes the feeling of being a Logan County citizen, and honoring a senior citizen for community service is a special way to say “Thank You.”